Monday, 31 March 2014

Why You Should Watch 'My Mad Fat Diary'

     Okay, so this post is a bit different. This is the journalism student in me. One of the reasons I started blogging (apart from having an excuse to take pictures and style clothes, of course) is to practice writing and build up a portfolio. 

     I've found it difficult though to choose a topic as I don't want to be too serious or write about something too heavy. But alas, in the shower I randomly thought of this. I'm not sure how people will take this post (especially when they're on a fashion blog) but I'm going to try and do this as best as I can using bullet points. So here goes...

     The last episode of the second serious of this show premiered tonight, so yes, I'm about one year late on this but I only just discovered it a few weeks ago and want to share why everyone should watch it.

     For those who don't know: The protagonist is 16-year-old, 16 stone Rae who, in series 1, came out of a mental institute after trying to commit suicide four months prior. She then re-connects with her old friend Chloe and makes new friends, new enemies and new love interests, all while falling out with her mother. A lot.

1. While the synopsis seems rather dark it is a hilarious, honest and heartbreaking show.

2. It's relatable as, like most of us, all Rae wants is to fit in.

3. When in reality she is like everyone else and lets her insecurities get the better of her.

4. There's always that character you can't help but want to be.

5. Rae's relationship with her mother is the first realistic one I've ever seen on TV. They bicker, they shout and they kiss and make-up - all over silly things but that's what makes it all seem actually genuine.

6. The friendship between Rae and Chloe is also the most realistic friendship I've seen too. And they curse. Which American TV shows seem to think teenagers don't do.

7. There's boys. Real cute ones. Called Finn. 

8. It gives advice. No messing about.

9. The soundtrack is the most awesome soundtrack to anything on TV. It's set in the '90s so cue Oasis, The Charlatans etc.

10. And finally, the fashion! The 90s looks are amazing.

90s fashion has no rules. Chloe wears a khaki green bomber jacket with a peach dress.
I was very excited by Chloe’s outfit here. Blue skivvy, white denim jacket, blue tartan skirt? Come on.
The ribbon choker Chloe wears to the wedding gives me life. So perf.

     Get yourself on 4od and make sure you catch up on this show. It's honestly one of my favourite shows and I really think people will love the refreshing lead in the form of Rae. Giving an insight and awareness to mental illnesses and how quickly and badly they can affect someone's thinking. Also, it's hilarious. I still laugh at the "mega period" scene now. Trust me, give it a go.